Bài 10: Safari adventure


I. Reading:


Anna and her family went to the Masaimara in Kenya for a Safari Adventure. A Safari Adventure is an expedition to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. They saw elephants drinking in a small pond. The baby elephant always walks beside its mother. They also saw cheetahs which are the fastest animal in the world. They slept in a big tent at night and ate corn and red beans which are traditional Kenyan food. At night, they can hear different sounds of animals and birds. They also stayed in a hotel where they can feed the giraffes with fruits. The next day, they observed the migration of wildebeest that travel to find fresh water. It was the most fantastic trip that Anna ever had, and she learned a lot about many wild animals.



II. Vocabulary:

– Adventure (n): cuộc phiêu lưu – An expedition (n): một cuộc thám hiểm
– Observe (v): quan sát – Wild animals (n): động vật hoang dã
– Natural habitat (n): môi trường sống tự nhiên. – See + sbd + v-ing/ See + sbd + V (v): thấy ai đang làm gì/ thấy cả quá trình ai làm gì.
– Pond (n): vũng nhỏ, ao nhỏ – Walk beside (v): đi bên cạnh
– The fastest animal (n): con vật nhanh nhất – Tent (n): lều
– Corn and bean (n): ngô và đậu – Traditional food (n): thức ăn truyền thống
– Stay (v): ở – The migration (n): sự di cư
– Wildebeest (n): linh dương đầu bò – Fresh water (n): nước sạch
– Fantastic = amazing (adj): tuyệt vời – Learn about (v): học về cái gì.