Bài 2: At the zoo.


I. Reading:


Anna and Robert learned about some wild animals at school. The teacher arranged a trip to the zoo for all students to see these animals.  The zoo has different areas for each animal. There is a big field where elephants with a long nose can roam around. They also saw some giraffes that are very tall and have a long neck. They visited the lion enclosures to see the mighty lions. The zookeeper said that the lion is the king of the jungle. They also saw pandas and bears. They are big, and they love to eat and sleep all the time. Then there is a place in the zoo where they fed some monkeys with bananas. At the reptile house, Anna got scared of the snakes when she saw it. Finally, they went to see different kinds of birds and met the talking parrot named Jude. The students laughed at the talking parrot. It was a fun trip!



II. Vocabulary:

– Learn about (v): học về cái gì – Wild animals (n): động vật hoang dã
– Arrange (v): sắp xếp, tổ chức – Zoo (n): sở thú
– Different (adj): khác biệt, khác nhau – Roam around (v): đi dạo lòng vòng, đi xung quanh
– Giraffe (n): hươu cao cổ – Enclosure (n): vùng được rào chắn xung quanh
– Mighty (adj): hùng dũng, dũng mãnh – Zookeeper (n): người canh sở thú, người làm việc ở sở thú
– King of the jungle (n): chúa sơn lâm – Reptile house (n): nơi ở của loài bò sát
– Talking parrot (n): con vẹt biết nói – Laugh at (v): cười to
– Trip (n): chuyến đi