Bài 3: Describing animals.


I. Reading:


After visiting the zoo, the teacher asked the students to describe their favorite animals. Anna loves the rabbits with thick, white fur and a short tail.  Robert’s favorite animal is the talking parrot with colorful feathers. The male lion with thick hair around its neck is John’s favorite animal. The students were scared of the snakes with a long, scaly body, small eyes, and sharp fangs. The crocodile looks scary too, with its big, wide mouth and sharp teeth. The giraffes that have long neck are the tallest animal they saw at the zoo. They also like zebras that looked like a horse but covered with black stripes on their hair. Pandas are large animals with black spots around their eyes, and they look adorable. The turtles have a hard and heavy shell that makes them walk slowly. They also learned that blow-up water on the hole at the top of its head. The students are all fascinated with all the animals in the zoo.



II. Vocabulary:

– Ask somebody to do something: Yêu cầu ai làm việc gì – Describe (v): miêu tả
– Favorite (n): yêu thích – Fur (n): bộ lông
– Tail (n): đuôi – Feather (n): lông
– Male – Female (n): – Neck (n): cổ
– Be scare of: sợ điều gì – Scaly (adj): có vảy
– Sharp fang (n): răng nanh sắc nhọn – Crocodie (n): cá sấu
– Zebra (n): ngựa vằn – Black stripes (n): các vằn đen
– Black spots (n): các chấm đen – Adorable (adj): đáng yêu
– Hard and heavy shell (n): mai cứng và chắc – Walk slowly (v): đi một cách chậm dãi
– Blow-up (v): thổi – Be fascinated with sth: thích thú với cái gì