Bài 4: What do animals eat?


I. Reading:


Like humans, animals have their favorite food, too. Cows and goats like to eat fresh grass. The rabbits love to eat carrots. We usually feed chickens with corn and sometimes they hunt for earthworms. Dogs love to chew on bones while cats like fish. Some animals like lions, tigers, and cheetahs hunt for smaller animals as food. Not all big animals in the wild eat meat. Elephants and giraffes like to eat fruits and leaves. Birds are fond of eating seeds from fruits and plants. Bigger birds like owls and eagles prefer to eat the meat of smaller animals, too. Every animal has special meals that help them grow stronger and survive their natural habitat.


II. Vocabulary:

– Human (n): con người – Like to V/ Like + V-ing: Thích làm gì
– Fresh grass (n): cỏ tươi – Feed (v): cho ăn
– Corn (n): ngô – Hunt for (v): tìm kiếm
– Earthworm (n): Giun – Love to = like to = prefer to(v): thích làm gì
– Chew (v): nhai – Bone (n): xương
– Lion (n): sư tử – Tiger (n): hổ
– Cheetah (n): báo cheeta – Leaves (số ít là leaf) (n): lá cây
– Be fond of + v-ing = like + v-ing: thích làm gì – Seed (n): hạt giống
– Owl (n): cú – Eagle (n): đại bàng
– Special meal (n): bữa ăn đặc biệt – Grow stronger (v): phát triển mạnh mẽ hơn
– Survive (v): tồn tại, sống sót – Natural habitat (n): môi trường sống tự nhiên