Bài 5: Wonders of the sea.


I. Reading:


The ocean is big and full of amazing animals in different sizes, colors, and characteristics.  Whales are one of the largest ocean animals in the world. Sharks are also big in size and have sharp teeth. Dolphins, on the other hand, are friendly sea animals. They are similar to sea lions and seals that love to play. Turtles are also friendly animals, and sometimes they make a good pet. The ocean is also the home of other sea creatures. There is octopus which has eight hands called tentacles and different kinds of jellyfish and starfish with many colors. You will find lots of shells and corals that makes the ocean colorful. These creatures also serve as the home of many sea animals, and it balances the life underwater.


II. Vocabulary:

– Amazing (adj): tuyệt vời – Size (n): kích cỡ
– Colour/ color (n): màu sắc – Colorful (adj): sặc sỡ, có màu sắc sặc sỡ
– Characteristic (n): đặc điểm, đặc trưng – Whale (n): cá voi
– Ocean animals = sea animals (n): động vật dưới đại dương – Shark (n): cá mập
– Dolphin (n): cá heo – On the other hand: mặt khác
– Friendly (adj): thân thiện – Be similar to: giống với
– Sea lion/ seal (n): hải cẩu – Pet (n): thú cưng
– Creature (n):sinh vật – Octopus (n): bạch tuộc
– Tentacle (n): xúc tu bạch tuộc – Jellyfish (n): con sứa
– Starfish (n): sao biển – Shell and coral (n): vỏ sò và san hô
– Serve as (v): đóng vai trò như là – Balance (v): cân bằng
– Underwater (n): dưới nước