Bài 8: Types of animals in the world.


I. Reading:


There are different types of animals in the world. They can be classified according to their features and habitats. Most land animals are mammals. They drink milk from their mothers when they were babies. Some animals on the farm like cows, goats, rabbits, and horses are mammals. Amphibians are animals that can live in both land and water like frogs and turtles. Reptiles are mostly amphibians, and they are covered with scales and lay eggs. Some examples are snakes, crocodiles, and alligators. There are also insects with different sizes, shapes, and colours. They are small and have wings like butterflies and ladybugs. Some have many legs, and some don’t have legs at all. Birds, on the other hand, have feathers to keep them warm, wings to help them fly. Chickens and ostriches are birds too but they can’t fly. There are also fish that can breathe and live underwater.


II. Vocabulary:

– Different (adj): khác biệt – Type = kind (n): thể loại
– Classify (v): phân loại – Feature and habitat (n): đặc điểm và môi trường sống
– Land animals (n): động vật trên cạn – Mammals (n): đông vật có vú
– Amphibians (n): động vật lưỡng cư – Frog (n): ếch
– Reptiles (n): động vật bò sát – Scale (n): vảy
– Alligator (n): cá sấu châu Mỹ (mõm chữ U) – Crocodile (n): cá sấu châu Phi (mõm chữ V)
– Insects (n): côn trùng – Shape (n): kích thước
– Wings (n): cánh – Butterfly and ladybug (n): bướm và bọ rùa
– Legs (n): chân – Keep warm (v): giữ ấm
– Ostrich (n): đà điểu – Breath and live underwater (v): thở và sống dưới nước