Unit 31: Luyện ngữ điệu Daily routines


My Daily Routine

Usually I wake up at 7 a.m in the morning, then I have slight breakfast at around 7:30. Then, I go to work at 8.45am every morning.I usually drive to work.I always check my emails when I get to work, but I don’t always reply to them immediately.When I am at my desk I usually work on the computer, even during morning tea.
At 1pm most days I have lunch.At 3pm we have afternoon tea, and that is when we usually talk and eat cake. When I work I have to make telephone calls. If an important issue happens I ask my secretary to organise a meeting.
Once a month I report to my boss, but maybe you have to report to your boss more often. I usually write a document that my boss can read.


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