Đề 16 – Lớp 3


Đề số 16 sẽ giúp các con ôn tập kiến thức cơ bản của Tiếng Anh 3.

Bảng xếp hạng

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I. Look and read. Choose true (T)  or false (F).

1. There are two chairs behind the desk.




2. Nam has one dog and three parrots.





3.There is a ball under the box.







4. How many pencils do you have ? -  I have  three.





II. Choose the correct answer.

1. What are they doing? – They are _____ with paper boat.

2. Has she got any pets? – No, she_____.

3. What’s Mai doing? – She’s  ______.
4. What is the _________like today?
III. Write antonyms of these words.

1. tall 
2. new 
3. big
4. long 
5. thin 
IV. Read and answer questions.

Hello! My name is Nam. I am nine years old. My family is in Hue. It is in central Viet Nam. Hue is near Da Nang  but far from Nha Trang. There are a lot of mountains and trees in my place.

1. Where is Nam’s family?
2. How old is he?
3. Where is Hue?
4. Is Hue near Nha Trang?