Đề 26 – Lớp 3


Đề số 26. 

Bảng xếp hạng

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I. Look, read and write T (if true) or F (if false) in the box.

1. T-shirt  





2. orange 





3. drinks





4. bedroom 






5. shoes 






6. bathroom 






II. Look and read. Write Yes or No.

1. It’s Mum’s book. 







2. This is a sandwich. 





3. She's in the garden. 





4. These are shorts.





5. This is a dress.





6. It’s Grandma’s sock. 





III. Look at the pictures and the letters. Write the words.

1. s e e h p  






2. e e t r 






3. h t a 





4.  f a s o






5. o o y y -