Đề 3 – Lớp 7


Để luyện tập tiếng Anh hiệu quả hơn, các em tiếp tục làm bài kiểm tra dưới đây nhé. Các em có thể làm bài trực tiếp và biết kết quả sau khi nộp bài. Hãy thử sức với đề thi này ngay nhé!

Bảng xếp hạng

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I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounces differently from the others.
a/ letter
b/ sewing
c/ clever
d/ dress

a/ play
b/ farm
c/ after
d/ hard

a/ leave
b/ cheap
c/ measure
d/ please

a/ fun
b/ bus
c/ brush
d/ full

II. Match the questions in the column A with the answers in the column B.


III. True or false.
1. Hoa watches Mrs. Mai making her dress.
2. How much are the green dress?
3. Yesterday I bought a new bike.
4. Tomorrow she will visit her grandma.
IV. Arrange the words to complete the following sentences.


1. you/ do/ what/ do/ everyday?
2. homework/ she/ her/ does.
3. time/ get/ do/ you/ up/ what?
4. wrong/ you/ with/ what/ is?

V. Choose the best answer by choosing the letter A , B , C or D.

1. Every day, I get up early to ……….. morning exercise.
2. ………. is the matter with you, Nam?
3. Dentist told us ………. teeth after meals.
4. The students of my school have medical ………… every year.
5. …… tall are you? I am 140 cm.
6. Would you ……… your mouth?
7. Why didn’t you ……. to class yesterday?
8. Ba ………. many cavities because he doesn’t brush his teeth regularly.

VI. Read the passage.

Health and hygiene are very important. So Nam always takes care of his teeth. He does morning exercise regularly and eats moderately. He brushes his teeth after meals every day. He doesn’t eat candy at night. Nam doesn’t stay up late. He often goes to bed at 10 o’clock and gets up at 6 o’clock. He likes watching the cartoons but he never sits near TV. It is not good for his eyes. He will always keep his teeth clean and his body fit. Health is more important than anything else.

1. Check True (T) or False (F) for these sentences.

a. Health and hygiene are not important.
b. He likes eating sweets at night.
c. He will always keep his teeth clean and his body fit.
d. Nam sits far TV.

2/ Answer the questions.

a. Does he sit near TV?

b. What does he do after meals?