Đề 31 – Lớp 7


Đề 31 – Lớp 7

Bảng xếp hạng

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Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest.

1. A. Review              B. Few               C. Renew            D. Sew

  1. A. Means             B. Physics                  C. Indoors                  D. Score

  1. A. Energetic                   B. Enjoy                     C. Experiment                  D. Education

  1. A. Watched                B. Looked                  C. Fitted                     D. Stopped

  1. A. Chemistry                 B. Orchestra              C. Ache                      D. Chew

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the other words in each group.

  1. A. Apartment             B. Family                   C. Expensive             D. Eleven

  1. A. Number              B. Student                  C. Parents                  D. Complain

  1. A. Celebration           B. Collection             C. Entertainment                 D. Education

  1. 4. Chemistry                           B. Biology                       C. Physics                     D. History

  1. A. Television                     B. Communication                         C. Examination                             D. Qualification

Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct answer among four options (A, B, C or D). 

  1. Many people write books but _________ write good books.

  1. You should be careful when playing games. Video games can be _________ .

  1. In Today’s newspaper there _________ a lot of news about the earthquake.

  1. There isn't _________ at the bus stop.

  1. Please keep silent! I _________ . It's too noisy.

  1. Your composition is _________ better than his.

  1. You can find a book with either the author _________ the title.

  1. _________ my students are familiar with this kind of school activities.

  1. Tim and Hoa are the same _________

  1. Please let me _________ your address?