• tiếng anh cấp II
  • Lớp 9
  • Unit 4: Life in the past
  • Lesson 3 (SGK): Reading
  • Lesson 3 (SGK): Reading

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     1) Think.






    1. How different is the way teenagers entertain themselves nowadays compared to the past?

    2. What do you think might be the biggest difference?

    ĐÁP ÁN

    1. In the past, teenagers preferred physical activities and used to play with handmade toys; there were not high technology devices like computer, video game or smartphone for entertainment.

    Nowadays, teenagers have more choices for entertainment than in the past; they enjoy many kinds of sport or spending time watching television, listening to music, playing online games or using social network.

    2. I think the biggest difference is that teenagers used to take part in more physical activities than today.


    2) Read the conversation between Phong and his mother, and answer the questions.

    Phong: Mum, How did you use to entertain yourself when you were a teenager?

    Mother: Well, kids in my days did a lot of physical activities in the fresh air: playing football, riding bikes, flying kites... We used nature as our playground. We also spent a lot of time with each other, playing and talking face to face, not on a screen like today.

    Phong: It sounds nice, actually.

    Mother: Yes. And this lifestyle kept us healthy and in shape. We didn't know about obesity. Girls didn't worry about getting fat and going on a diet.

    Phong: Didn't you eat out with your friends?

    Mother: No, we mostly ate at home. Sometimes we just had a snack from a street vendor.

    Phong: I like street food. And did you watch much TV?

    Mother: Only wealthy households had a TV. Instead, we read a lot. Unlike watching television, you had to use your imagination when you read. Ah! Now I remember - I used to keep a diary.

    Phong: A diary? What did you write in it?

    Mother: Lots of things: events, feelings, my private thoughts... you know.

    Phong: Nowadays we just post them on Facebook.

    Mother: I know. Life has changed so much, my darling.

    1. Where did teenagers in the past use to play? 

    2. How did they communicate with each other?  

    3. What was the advantage of this lifestyle? 

    4. Where did they mostly eat? 

    5. What did Phong's mother say about reading? 

    6. Did teenagers in the past publicise their emotions? 

    ĐÁP ÁN

    1. They used to play outdoors, in the fresh air.

    2. They met and talked face-to-face.

    3. It kept them healthy and in shape.

    4. At home.

    5. You had to use your own imagination.

    6. No, they didn't.