• tiếng anh cấp II
  • Lớp 9
  • Unit 6: Việt Nam: Then and Now
  • Lesson 8 (Bài tập): Writing
  • Lesson 8 (Bài tập): Writing

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    1) Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

    1. There are many benefits of building a skytrain system in the city, (beneficial) 

    2. It is advantageous to invest more in education, (advantages)

    3. The number of well-equipped schools has increased sharply, (sharp)

    4. The traffic system in the country has gradually been upgraded in the last decade, (gradual)

    5. The quality of life of people in the countryside has also been improved significantly. (significant)

    6. Recently there has been a considerable rise in investment in school facilities, (considerably)

    ĐÁP ÁN:

    1. It would be beneficial to build a skytrain system in the city. 

    2. There are many advantages of investing more in education.

    3. There has been a sharp increase in the number of well-equipped schools.

    4. There have been gradual upgrades to the traffic system in the country in the last decade.

    5. There has been a significant improvement in the quality of life of people in the countryside.

    6. Recently investment in school facilities has risen considerably.